Bouclème launch event at Planet Organic

By Margo Steeden

[Article first published on Lindsey Hughes' website]

Bouclème natural curl care and the new Curl CreamUK curl brand Bouclème launched their fantastic new Curl Cream recently at Planet Organic's Flagship store and I was delighted when Michele Scott-Lynch, the founder of Bouclème, asked me along to the event.

It was a joyful moment when I discovered that Bouclème's latest product was a curl cream. I love a curl cream and it is one of the staple products in my curl-styling arsenal because it's so versatile. It can be used on wet hair for awesome, curl-boosting moisture; for hydration, smoothness and definition when doing twist-outs and braids; added over a leave-in, it gives you that little bit extra; scrunched into curls instead of gel when only soft hold is wanted or used as a curl-refresher to get 2nd day hair and beyond. What's not to love?

Michele Scott-Lynch & Saulo GaltriThere was plenty of healthy nibbles to munch and rum-based fruit punch to sup, whilst everyone mingled and dished on all things curly. I got chatting to the gorgeous Saulo Galtri of The Curly Look, a stylist who specialises in cutting and styling curls in Dublin, Ireland. Saulo, who flew over especially for the launch, told me how much he loves Bouclème products. He discovered them a few months ago whilst browsing the net and said he was “fascinated by the fact they were being produced right here, beside me, in the UK.” He said, “as soon as I got to try them, I knew that the range had been formulated with good knowledge and proper research into curly hair care.” Saulo is carrying the Bouclème range at the salon he works with and said he is very pleased with the results he gets when using on his clients, and on his own, curls. “Bouclème is taking the curly haircare market in Europe to the next level” he said.

I asked Michele why she thinks a curl cream is such a key product for curls, she said "I created Curl Cream to help replenish dry thirsty curls that need extra hydration. This product helped restore life to my parched curls post-colour and Summer holiday last year. Curl Cream is great for styling and defining on wet hair and can be used as a moisture injection to days 3 and 4 curls. I use this on top of my leave-in Curl Conditioner plus a little Argan oil and then follow with Curl Defining Gel. This may sound like a lot of product but it ensures moisturised well defined curls and I don’t reapply anything until the next wash day around 4 days later!"

Lindsey Hughes, the UK's very own Curl Whisperer, was on hand during the event to offer styling tips and tricks for using Curl Cream. “On my clients who have finer hair, I
Lindsey applying Curl Cream to @honeyblondegigi's curlsstart off with one full pump of Curl Cream and I smooth and gently scrunch the cream into the hair – adding more Curl Cream as needed. On thicker hair, I rake the cream through the hair in sections, using my fingers – and using one full pump at a time – making sure that each section is well coated, then I apply Curl Defining Gel over Curl Cream to define and hold the curl. If a more 'clumped' curl is wanted, I avoid raking through hair as this will separate the curls too much. Instead, I just smooth and squeeze the cream into each section. Curl Cream is also great for adding moisture to curls in between washes – just use with a little water and smooth over the surface of your curls or tweak each curl individually by twirling with a little Curl Cream.”

“I created Curl Cream to help replenish dry thirsty curls that need extra hydration.”

Insta Girls! (from left) Simone, Helena & ShannonIt was a fab, fun event, and everyone went away with a goody bag containing yummy and healthy food and drink from brands sold at Planet Organic, plus a generous travel sized bottle of Bouclème Curl Cream. I've been using it for the last week as a styler on wet hair and also as a curl-refresher on dry hair and I have to say I'm sold – works great for me both ways. I also love the smell; the whole Bouclème range has a fresh, soft-citrus fragrance that is a refreshing change from the sickly-sweet coco-nutty pong that is usually associated with curl-loving products.

Check out Bouclème's styling video on how to use the new Curl Cream on loose curls below. You can find all of Bouclème's styling videos here.



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