10 Golden Rules For Fabulous Curls

 Keep your curls in tip top condition with these 10 must follow rules.

1) Never brush curly hair. Always detangle your curls when wet or with coconut oil. Use your fingers, a wide tooth comb or a tangle teezer to avoid breakage.

2) Wet hair can weigh curls down at the roots and leave you with a flat top. Use duck bill clips at the roots to give volume and lift.

3) A good night time routine will help you achieve great 2nd or 3rd days. Loosely tie hair up in a pineapple on top of your head or try using a hair net. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase prevents curls from too much friction and frizzing overnight, it's also great for a plump line free face in the morning! Fix any flyaways or spots of frizz with a spritz of conditioner & filtered water or gel & filtered water for fine loose waves.

4) Avoid using terry towels on curls - they ruffle up the hair cuticle and absorb moisture

5) Condition, condition and did I mention condition. Curls need plenty of moisture to keep frizz at bay. Increase hydration levels by adding in a weekly deep conditioning treatment to your curl routine. These can be particularly beneficial when transitioning seasons, depending on curl texture and type you can increase them to twice a week. Boost your treatment with 1-2 tbsp of coconut, olive or argan oil

6) Apply your styling products to wet hair, this helps to lock moisture in and creates great definition

7) Avoid touching curls until they have completely dried. Style and leave to air dry or use a diffuser or hooded dryer. Touching curly hair while it's drying will only create frizz

8) If your curls tend to lose moisture quickly apply a few drops of pure oil (coconut, olive, jojoba, argan) before applying your gel. This helps seal moisture in for longer.

9) Sulphates & silicones are bad for your curls and the environment. Sulphates strip away protective oils leading to dryness and frizz. Silicones are film forming and prevent much needed moisture from entering the hair shaft.

10) Find a hairdresser that will cut your curls dry - wet curls shrink making it difficult to judge where your hair will sit once it dries. Don't be afraid to ask a salon/stylist if they use this method when cutting curls.

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