CURL TALK: Ana from Curly Essence

Curl Talk is our new monthly feature where we talk to fellow curlies and find out what being curly means to them, learn about their hair journey and inspiration. This month we bring you the beautiful Ana co founder of the blog Curly Essence.

What was it like growing up with curly hair?

People always made comments about my hair and they weren’t always positive. My brother has curly hair and my hair is curly but more frizzy. Imagine hearing someone say your brother’s hair is better than yours? It's weird. In addition to these comments, my mother also did not like my hair, but did it bother me? No! Now everybody likes my hair... and I wonder why?

Have you always loved your curls? If not when did you start to love them?

I never really hated my curls I just never had the courage to embrace my natural hair. I didn’t spend much time thinking about my hair and did everything that my mother thought was best for it. At about 20 I decided to embrace my curls and stop worrying about what society thought about my hair whether it’s straightened or curly.

Who’s your biggest curl inspiration?

Definitely Briana King and Nikisha from UrbanBushBabes

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given about caring for your curls?

Do not worry too much about your hair, about your curls. They do not define you!

Who cuts your hair?

I cut my hair, aww I'm lying I just cut my bangs.

How do you think curly hair is portrayed in the media?

There is a lack of information in the media but I'm seeing progress by some magazines that have decided to write about it. The natural hair game is changing, yasss!

What’s your favourite Bouclème product and why?

Hmmm I like all the products. I like the concept of the brand, the packaging, everything. But perhaps my favorite is the cleanser. Normally I do not use shampoo and I use the cleanser once in a while as a hair detox. It seems unfair not to mention the conditioner! I LOVE IT - Usually I use after the cleanser and it's done. I do not need to do anything else. Everything in Boucleme is so practical and simple. I wish there were more brands really concerned about natural hair and not so much in sales, sales, sales (if you know what I mean). Boucleme is love, pure love.

Your blog Curly Essence is a great lifestyle edit on beauty, fashion, curls and more for women of colour. What was the inspiration behind it’s creation?

It is difficult to answer this question because Curly Essence is everything that I am. It is a platform where we share what we like and where we also give some tips for those who have decided to embrace their natural hair. It's a cool space for cool people. We’re in the process of developing the project a little bit more but for now is secret, stay tuned!




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