Grey & Glamorous

We're constantly bombarded with images of young girls with flawless skin and lustrous hair in magazines and billboards that it can be hard to see ageing and turning grey as beautiful and desirable. But with age comes wisdom, acceptance, self love and contentment - what's not to love about that!

Going grey is inevitable, it can happen as early as our mid 20s. If this is your stage of life then you face a choice - embrace it or spend years, heaps of money and time dyeing your hair.

Ageing with confidence is totally possible - embracing the grey doesn't mean you become part of the blue rinse brigade, now more than ever silver hair is considered elegant and glamorous. Retain your individuality and unique sense of style, grow it long, rock your red lippy or adorn yourself with statement jewellery. Be you!

grey & glamorous

When embarking on the transition you can choose to either stop colouring it and let your hair grow out then opt for a big chop or start going lighter slowly. Start with some streaks at the front and then increase over time. Talk to your colourist about using lowlights, highlights and silver grey tones to help while you transition, be careful as lifting colour can make grey hair coarser and drier.

It's still important to look after your curls, nourish them with conditioner and frequent deep conditioning treatments to keep them hydrated and defined. If you haven't broken away from your straighteners yet I encourage you to put them down, too much heat will damage your hair making dry and more frizz prone.

Grey hair tend to be porous. Try pre treating curls the night before washing with your favourite oil coconut, argan, olive whatever your hair loves. (Always check the label to make sure there aren't any added silicones - most commercial hair oils are loaded with the stuff). This can lessen swelling of the hair when washing (also known as hygral fatigue) which caused damage.

If you need a little inspiration to help visualise yourself as silver and stylish then check out our Silver Siren board on Pinterest.


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