Curl Talk: Michelle, Bod For Tea

This month we chat curls and blogging with Michelle Reeves founder of parenting/lifestyle blog Bod For Tea.

What was it like growing up with curly hair?

Honestly? I hated my hair. With a PASSION! I had no idea how to look after it as my Mother had stunning straight, thick dark brown hair and I had frizzy, blonde curls.

Have you always loved your curls? If not when did you start to love them?
NO! I didn't really start loving my curls until I met my husband who loved them. I'd just cut my hair short and the curls were in great condition. He opened my eyes to how pretty curls can be. Then when I met my hairdresser Zoe I discovered how to care for my curls properly and, importantly, how to have fun with them!

Who’s your biggest curl inspiration?
Meg Ryan and Oprah Winfrey - love their style!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given about caring for your curls?
Throw away your brush! I brushed my hair as a teenager and it became a mass of frizz. Now I don't own one and only use a wide toothed comb when my hair is wet.

Who cuts your hair?
I've had the same hairdresser the last 12 years - Zoe Jasztal at Silhouette du Barry who also styles catwalk shows and works on the X Factor - and I never hesitate to put my locks in her hands. She is an expert in the true sense of the word. Love you Zoe!

How do you think curly hair is portrayed in the media?
I was once told by a boss at work that no-one would take me seriously while I had blonde curly hair. I spent the next few years dyeing it brown and straightening it. I don't think you see that many curls in the media to be honest or if you do they're not really what I would call 'natural' curls (i.e. curled without styling aids).

What’s your favourite Bouclème product and why?
I completely love the styling gel. I've never liked the crunchy feeling of gels but when I realised that the hard 'cast' from the styling glaze protects my curls as they dry it was a revelation to me! Definitely a product I'd recommend.

Tell us about your inspiration to start your fabulous parenting and lifestyle blog Bod For Tea.

In 2008 my husband and I left behind everything we knew and loved in the UK – including my successful career in Internet Marketing – for a three-year adventure in China. I started blogging there as part of my therapy for Post Natal Depression after the conception and traumatic birth of our daughter in 2009. We arrived back in the UK two years later and to my surprise and delight Bod for tea continued to flourish growing a global readership.

I’m also excited to be launching a new homes and interiors blog this year – The Essex Barn  – with inspiration from our dream home in the countryside.

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