5 Tips For Growing Curls Long & Strong


Hey huns! I’m Latoya and my Instagram page is @LatoyaLondonxo - I’ve put together my 5 top tips that helped me grow my hair long and strong!

Tip 1. Cut dead ends

You can prevent them but once they are there it’s normally best to cut them off so they don’t get worse! There’s also no best amount of time to get a trim - just when you see split or damaged ends ... go for a trim, this may be every 3, 9 or even 12 months, it totally depends on your personal hair and how you treat it.

Tip 2. Moisturise

Dry hair is more prone to breakage. Which often results in an increased amount of hair loss when detangling or re styling. There are numerous methods to help your hair retain moisture, find what works best for you and your hair type. For me personally, I have to spray my hair with water, use a hydrating leave in, curl cream and then an oil to seal it all in on wash days, then on an everyday basis I have to use a leave in mixed with water to ensure my hair stays moistured and doesn’t dry out during the day.

Tip 3. Deep condition

This is probs the most important step. Finding a good deep conditioner for your hair type is gold! I use a deep conditioner every week religiously! I notice a massive difference in how my hair feels when I deep condition. It feels healthier, softer and is easier to manage.


Tip 4. Sleep with a satin scarf/pillowcase

We’re literally leaning on a pillow for around 6 -8 hours a night (depends how much sleep you get!) trust me, you don’t want the anything to be tugging.

Tip 5. Be patient

Because it’s not going to happen overnight! Consistency is key!



Drink your water! It truly makes a huge difference!


Until next time,
Latoya x

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