5 Tips on the benefits of coconut oil for protein sensitive curlies !

In recent years, coconut oil has been presented as a miracle product for body, skin and hair care, especially in the curly hair community. It smells good, is light and non- greasy, so as a natural curly it’s very easy to love. But is it ok to use on curls that are protein sensitive?

Protein sensitivity is the overreaction of hair when in comes into contact with proteins. It’s normal for hair to become a little harder after using proteins, but if it becomes dry and brittle it is possible your hair is protein sensitive. Don’t panic, it is still possible to use products derived from coconut oil, they can be very good for hair health. Here are our top tips on maximising the benefits of coconut oil on your hair.

#1 Coconut oil does not contain proteins itself, it is composed of approximately 50% lauric acid which helps restore and strengthen the protein structure of your hair. So it is perfect if you have damaged hair or split ends. If you find that your hair becomes hard after using it check the ingredients listing of your conditioner to see if it contains a source of protein (wheat, soy etc) or panthenol. If so it may be that the ingredients of your conditioner and coconut oil are not completely compatible.

#2 Your choice of conditioner is important. When using coconut oil make sure that you use a rich, moisturising protein-free conditioner alongside to balance the effect on your hair. Take care to moisturise your hair thoroughly.

#3 Avoid overusing, less is definitely more. Coconut oil reinforces the protein structure of your hair: it helps curls retain moisture by closing the hair cuticles. So be light handed when using and check that your other products include ingredients like vegetable glycerin, honey, argan oil, shea butter or aloe vera which compliment the benefits.

#4 Coprah oil, also derived from coconut is a cheaper alternative. It is obtained by pressing dried coconut flesh instead of fresh coconut for virgin coconut oil. It loses some nutrients during the process and also the distinctive smell of coconut oil but is still very rich in fatty acids. It might be less likely to make your hair hard whilst nourishing it.

#5  Enjoy all the benefits of coconut derived products such as coconut water, coconut milk, coconut oil, cream and flesh, internally. They are digested and assimilated quickly and easily and will help your hair, skin and scalp from the inside thanks to the regulating and antiseptic abilities of capric acid contained within the oil, water and milk.  

At Bouclème we love the long term benefits of coconut oil on overall hair health. It’s the one oil scientifically proven to penetrate deep into the hair cortex delivering strength and moisturise where it’s needed most.

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