Tips for Curly Guys

It's not just women who have curly hair. Men need to know how to manage their curls as well. Here are our 5 low maintenance tips for curly guys... 
Tips for the Curly Guy
1) Sulphate shampoos can be drying on hair and create parched frizzy curls – to combat this shampoo less often applying directly to your scalp rather than your hair. Try using a non-foaming cream based cleanser which gently cleanses scalp leaving curls fully hydrated. 
2) Curly hair tends to naturally be drier than other hair types so moisture levels need to balanced to prevent frizz. Conditioning is key to keeping curls defined & frizz free. Try leaving some or all of your conditioner in. The drier your curls the more you should leave in. 
3) If you frequent the gym and sweat a lot try just rinsing your curls rather than over shampooing and drying out your hair. Simply reapply a little conditioner and or gel, style and air dry. 
4) Add styling products to wet hair for ultimate curl definition. This helps lock in hydration giving you frizz free curls for longer. 
5) Try using an old T-shirt instead of a towel. Squeeze and scrunch out excess water this prevents ruffling of the hair cuticle and messing up your curl pattern.
So there you have it, our tips for all the curly men out there. If you want some curl inspiration check out our Pinterest for all the curly men you could dream of...

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