Alternative Advent Calendars

I've always shied away from commercial chocolate calendars and preferred instead to create fun memories for my kids in the lead up to Christmas Day. It's not all about receiving gifts but also about giving and sharing.

A few years ago I bought reusable advent calendars that I fill with activities from donating gifits and food to children's hospices and local food banks to a trip to a Christmas production.

Christmas can be an expensive time so you can be as creative and thrifty as you like.

Here's 5 of my favourite advent calendars that you can use year after year.

1.Envelope and peg advent calendar - £13.95


2. Red redindeer advent calendar - £40

3. Nuova Nova cloth bags - £54.03

4. Star shaped hanging calendar - £14.95

 5. Flittered advent calendar boxes - £10

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