Beautiful, a feeling rather than a look : a Bouclème manifesto on beauty

“You, Socrates, pray how do you know what things are beautiful and what are ugly? Come now, can you tell me what beauty is?”*

Centuries ago, Socrates was discussing “what is beauty itself” with his sophist peer Hippias and Plato’s account allowed us to further the discussion. What have we learned about it since then? Decades and centuries later how would we answer this question? Would we follow Hippias in providing a list of what we consider as beautiful things ?  Would we go with a never-ending list of criteria? Is “beauty itself” defined by a list of arbitrary and fortuitous features? At Bouclème, we believe that the answer is no. Here is our answer to Socrates question.

The human race is rich and diverse. No list would be rich enough, long enough, complex enough, to embrace all the ways in which beauty exists in humanity and nature.  besides, we believe that beauty has more of an indicator than a reality per se, an outward manifestation of life and love through cultures, ages, civilizations and countries. But the appreciation of beauty is spontaneous,  we might not even be able to put into words why we find something “beautiful” or “full of beauty”. We just feel it. But , since human beings have always been obsessed with describing what we are living, we have used culture to establish a list of criteria to pin down and define precisely what we experience as beauty. But the thing is, deep inside, our hearts know better than any unachieved list of criteria what beauty is. We have created those criteria and they are a description, not a definition.

The only acceptable and wise definition of beauty exists inside all of us. We can only embrace its very essence with our emotional intelligence. We cannot prove beauty. No one is qualified enough to tell you what you must do in order to be “full of beauty”. You are naturally beautiful just because you are alive. No one can say what is beauty. We can only feel, enjoy and love beauty.

`What if beauty was just the visual representation of love? We believe that when we are in contact with beauty, we are in contact with pure love. Beauty is not about seeing and visually evaluating the aesthetic of an object regarding some defined features. Beauty is greater than aesthetic. Beauty is a feeling, an energy… a positive energy emanating from one to another. Beauty is sharing, beauty is loving. Beauty is about loving yourself and others deeply and unconditionally that it radiates out of your body into the space around you. When this energy touches somebody’s eye or heart, one is able to say “He/she/it is beautiful”.

Forget about a list of criteria. Be free and take care of your body, skin, hair, mind, spirit exactly in the way you want to do so. Love yourself completely. This love radiates and is real and authentic beauty. We do not see beauty, we feel it. We do not look beautiful, we feel Beautiful.
You are Beautiful exactly the way you are!
*Hippias Major, Plato

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