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Healthy Curls In The Sun: Read Founder Michele's Top Tips

The warm summer months have finally made an entrance: whether you are booking your next staycation, travelling abroad or just spending more time outside, this guide is for you.

Learn how to look after your hair during the warmer season and keep your curls protected and moisturised in the sun with these hacks from Bouclème’s founder, Michele:

General maintenance

Healthy curls in the sun - Michele

Moisture is key to keeping curly hair supple and defined during summer. On your wash day, cocktail your conditioning products to find the ideal moisture levels for you. My favourite products to mix are Curl Conditioner with Intensive Moisture Treatment for perfect hydration, and Intensive Moisture Treatment with our Revive 5 Hair Oil for optimum moisture and UV protection.

If curls are feeling dry at the end of a day in the sun try adding a few pumps of Revive 5 Hair Oil to your Curl Conditioner or Curl Cream, then smooth and squeeze into your curls before bed and let your curls soak up the moisture overnight.

Weekly deep conditioning is a must for maintaining moisture levels in hair. Our Intensive Moisture Treatment is perfect for strengthening and nourishing curls back to life. For an extra hit of moisture add a pump or 3 of Revive 5 Hair Oil.

Sun, Sea, Swim

Protect curls from the drying effects of chlorine by generously applying conditioner and/or Revive 5 Hair Oil to wet hair before entering the pool. This creates a barrier that prevents curls from absorbing too much of the chlorinated water.

After a dip in the pool or sea, always rinse curls and reapply conditioner. Create your own spritz to have poolside by mixing 1 part Curl Conditioner with 2 parts water in a spray bottle to keep curls quenched throughout the day.


Protective hairstyles like braids or twists are really important if you’re heading out for a full day of sun bathing. They limit the direct exposure to the sun, preventing hair from damage. Using a silk scarf or hat works a treat too.

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