How To Lock In Moisture

Hey lovelies, Rekayla here!

Summer is right about over now! The leaves are steadily falling from the trees and with the long and cold nights setting in, we need to get our hair ready to withstand the forces of all the elements! How do we do that, you ask? One word should spring to mind and that word is MOISTURE!

Moisture is so important and definitely more so during the colder months! But how do we get moisture in the first place? The road to moisturised hair always starts with water. For curly hair, working on it when it’s damp or wet will help you retain that water when applying your moisturising products.

So once we have drenched or dipped our hair in some H20, we are ready for product application. For me, it first starts with a great shampoo. Many shampoos have a tendency to suck all the natural oils out of the hair in order to remove the dirt and build up. Your hair can be left stringy and dry and that is not going to bode well with the colder days coming. Curly hair can get quite dry, as our natural oils from our scalp are not able to glide down the entire length of the strand, leaving the ends deprived of our own natural goodness. To the rescue, with its non-stripping ingredients, the Curl Cleanser will have your lovely curls left clean but still retaining your hair’s natural oils.

Then I follow up with the Curl Conditioner and with ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Argan and Coconut Oil, this will make sure you have your hair prepped and primed after cleansing!

Deep conditioning is life. I would definitely recommend deep conditioning as much as you can because this will build the strength so your hair is armed against the autumnal and winter weather. Leaving the Intensive Moisture Treatment in for the time of 20-30 minutes, with added heat, on a weekly basis will be very beneficial. If you haven’t been able to deep condition in the summer months, then definitely incorporate it now the weather is getting colder!

Locking in that moisture does not stop when you finished your your deep conditioning. Applying a leave-in will ensure all the wonderful work you done in the shower (or wherever you wash your hair) will not be all in vain. My hair is very prone to drying quite fast, so I like to add some of the Curl Conditioner while my hair is still quite wet. Then I layer with the Curl Cream, which can be applied to damp hair and also can be used during the week for a much needed moisture boost/refresh.

And finally, if you want to seal that moisture in for the whole week, protective styling is going to be your best friend. Once you have applied the Curl Cream you can seal all this goodness with a style like a bun where your ends are not exposed. And if you want that sleek bun look then applying come of the Curl Defining Gel can certainly help! This will keep your hair protected during the week or until your next wash day!

And that is my third tip. Just how we like to layer our clothes, layering moisturising products is so beneficial and will help protect our tresses and allow it to flourish during the colder months!

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