How To Travel Light For Curly Hair

On short trips, travelling light is essential and I hate taking a load of products with me. Having curly hair, that can sometimes seem impossible. However Bouclème's multi-purpose products make it super easy!

I've narrowed it down to three 100ml travel sized bottles of my fave Bouclème products that I take with me on my travels.

Hydrating Curl Cleanser

- The Hydrating Curl Cleanser is great for cleaning your hair properly without drying it out.

- It also doubles up as a shower gel so that's one less thing I have to pack.

- I can also use it to clean makeup brushes if I need to whilst I'm away.


Curl Conditioner

- The Curl Conditioner is a must whether I'm travelling somewhere humid or cold, it's always necessary to add moisture back into curly hair.

- Use this as a leave-in conditioner if extra moisture is needed

- I can also use this to refresh my curls the next day if even more moisture is needed

- This also doubles up as moisturiser - I know this one seems a little crazy. I don't tend to use it as an all over body moisturiser but if ever I forget body lotion or hand cream I can use this. Because it's full of great natural ingredients (Omegas 3, 6 and 9, vitamin E a)  it works.


Curl Defining Gel

- I take the Curl Defining Gel with me to style my hair and add definition after using the Boucleme Curl Conditioner.

- This is also great for slicking back my hair or detangling my hair for braids. See a list of the ways I use the Curl Defining Gel here.

- This is also a must for refreshing my curls.


So that's how I travel light with Bouclème! I love how versatile the products are. There are no rules on how you can use the products; they have many uses because of their natural ingredients. You can purchase all three travel sizes in a gift set and even get the Intensive Moisturising Treatment in travel sachets for extra nourishment!

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