Oil for Curly Hair - How to use Revive 5 Hair Oil in Your Routine

Natural oils are a powerful tool in every curly hair routine. Our Revive 5 Hair Oil can be used on wet or dry hair and has many great benefits - from protecting from UV rays, humidity, heat and environmental pollutants, to providing hydration to lacklustre curls - all whilst smelling absolutely incredible.

Ok, so where do oils fit in my curl care? Whether you’re new to the natural hair community or just unsure on how to use oil in your routine, this guide is for you. 

Here are 5 different ways to include Revive 5 Hair Oil in your routine:

1. Defeat dryness 5 Ways to Use Revive 5 Hair Oil - Defeat Dryness

Formulated with Moringa Oil, Mongongo Oil, Daikon Seed Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil and Olive Oil, Revive 5 is perfect for your routine whether you follow the LOC (liquid, oil, cream), LCO (liquid, cream, oil) or LCGO (liquid, cream, gel, oil) method.

Layering this oil between your conditioner, cream or gel can help seal moisture in the curls for longer and it’s great for high porosity hair as it slows down the water evaporation process. 

You can also mix a few pumps of Revive 5 Hair Oil with Curl Cream or Curl Conditioner in between wash days to help boost moisture levels in your tresses. 

Want to know more about the LOC, LCO or LCGO methods? Let us know in the comments below and we will create a dedicated guide.

2. Sun protection

5 Ways to Use Revive 5 Hair Oil - Sun Protection

Planning a day out in the sun? Mix a few pumps of Revive 5 Hair Oil with Intensive Moisture Treatment.

Thanks to its naturally derived UV and thermal protection properties, our oil can be applied to damp hair to protect and prevent curls from dehydration. 

Don’t forget: If you’re swimming in the sea or pool, rinse out the salty or chlorinated water from your curls and reapply the oil as needed to ensure complete protection.

3. Scrunch out the crunch5 Ways to Use Revive 5 Hair Oil - Scrunch out the Crunch.

At the end of your wash routine, once you have applied your styling products and hair is completely dry add 1-2 pumps of Revive 5 Hair Oil into your hands, rub between palms and then gently squeeze curls to help break the gel cast and reveal locks with bounce and shine.

4. Pre-shampoo treatment

5 Ways to Use Revive 5 Hair Oil - Pre-shampoo Applying Revive 5 Hair Oil to dry hair before cleansing is a great way to detangle your hair before shampooing and helps counteract the stripping effects of detergent to your hair.

Massaging a few pumps of the Revive 5 Hair Oil into your scalp helps relieve dryness and prompts scalp health, which is key to healthy curls.

5. Added shine

5 Ways to Use Revive 5 Hair Oil - Added ShineSmooth a pump of Revive 5 Hair Oil over the lengths of your hair to achieve the ultimate shine factor (add more pumps depending on your hair density and porosity). A little goes a long way with oils but don’t worry: our oil is lightweight and fast absorbing so it won't leave curls heavy or greasy. 

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