Mindfullness Tips

Practising mindfulness is a wonderful way to stay grounded and manage anxieties or stress that you may be feeling. We understand it's a difficult time, so we wanted to share our tips for looking after your soul to remain calm and positive.

It's a known fact that meditation works wonders for mental health. Allowing us to focus on our breathing and switch off from the outside world. Many meditation studios and influencers are currently hosting live online meditations that you can do from your safe place at home. We love London based, Remind Studio who are hosting numerous live meditations and yoga sessions each week via Zoom. On instagram, look no further than @sarahmalcs, @londonmeditationcentre and @thewellbeingwarehouse.

Self Massage
If you're missing the human touch from friends and loved ones, we encourage you to practice self massage. Massage your feet, scalp, face, hands...wherever you feel needs tension released or could just do with a little TLC. Our Revive 5 Hair Oil not only works wonders for your hair, but also multi-tasks as a nourishing skin moisturiser, so apply a few pumps to the palm of your hands and gently massage into your body for a delightful skin treat. And don't forget to use as a scalp treatment while you massage your scalp.

Calm App
You may have already heard of an app called Calm. It offers an array of relaxation sessions - meditations, audio stories, relaxing music, ASMR and lullabies. Learn to add these into your daily routines - wake up and meditate for 20 minutes, listen to relaxing music while you read or cook, play a lullaby whilst you drift to sleep. All our calming practices to help you can easily inject into your daily life.

We hope these tips help you to remain grounded. Please do drop us an email at info@boucleme.co.uk or message on instagram if you'd like to share your mindful tips or if you've found our tips particularly helpful. Love and light 💫🙏🏾

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