Minimum Waste, Maximum Use

Here at Boucleme, we commit to environmental sustainability and we are conscious about our carbon footprint. We create products for people who care about their curls just as much as they care about the environment : formulas that are good to your hair housed in packagings that are safe to the planet.

Here is what you can do to help us protect the planet.

Minimum Waste - Maximum Use

Make sure you make the most of your products and reduce your level of plastic waste at the same time. When your product comes to the end, it might be hard to take it out of your bottle. Here are some tips to help you use your product until the last drop.

Step 1

Open your bottle and add warm spring or filtered water to the product you have left.

Step 2

Shake it to allow the water and the product mix perfectly.

Step 3

Pump or squeeze it in your hand. As the water loosens up the texture it will allow the product to come up easily.

Step 4

Style as desired ! You can repeat the process as much as you want… up to the very last drop.  


All packagings are 100% recyclable

There we are. You’ve reached the last drop. What to do next ? We are always looking at improving our packaging to make it is safer to the planet and more sustainable. Our ultimate goal will be to provide you with completely biodegradable containers. In the meantime, all our bottles and tubs are 100% recyclable to reduce our waste to the maximum.


Bigger bottles, smaller carbon footprint

The Curl Cleanser, Hydrating Hair Cleanser, Curl Conditioner, Curl Cream and Curl Defining Gel all come in 1L bottles since last year. When you buy 1L bottle instead of 4 300ml ones, you help us reduce our carbon footprint. Indeed, it means 1 order instead of 4, so 4 times less carbon in making the bottles and transporting them.

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