New Super Hold Styler

By Eleanor Barkes 

When it comes to curls sometimes all that’s required is a gentle, light hold. Other times, you need something more. This is where the all-new Boucleme Super Hold Styler comes in – a styling gel which provides the ultimate in firm hold and staying power.

super hold styler pink tube gel firm hold

I recently had the opportunity to experience this new styler from Bouclème and I can honestly say that my curls have now found a new firm favourite when doing a wash and go. The way I would usually style my curls is to apply Boucleme Curl Cream to my freshly washed and deep conditioned hair, followed by Boucleme’s Curl Defining Gel. But the last few times I’ve been substituting it with the new Super Hold Styler and my curls have been loving it. The amazing thing about this gel is that even though it provides maximum curl definition, it does not weigh down my curls at all! They remain light and bouncy, with no stiffness in sight. And as expected my curls are left looking shiny and glossy all day.

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This is due to some key ingredients: Australian coastal flowers, which nourishes  the hair and helps to moisturise; Linseed and Chia Seed Extract which aid the look of lustrous curls, helping to shape and protect the strands without the risk of damage or the appearance of being stiff; Kahai Oil, which contains 50% more Vitamin E  and twice the amount of linoleic acid than Argan oil, and Seabuckthorn oil, which protects the hair from oxidative damage.

You can use the gel on its own, but it can also be layered on top of the Curl Defining Gel for ultra definition and hold. I can imagine that it would be great to layer the two gels this way if you’re going for a super defined look.

I’ve also been testing out how well the gel sleeks all my curls down into a ponytail. Let’s just say that I’ve not been disappointed. Where some gels I’ve used in the past have left lots of flyaways, the staying power of the Super Hold Styler ensures that my big bushy curls all remain intact the whole day. 

curl hair pony tail lady red spotty dress

Is this a product you think you’ll use? Why not give the Super Hold Styler a try? Click here to get yours!






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