New Year New Hair

Why scissors are my hair’s new best friend!

It’s that time of the year and yet again my instagram feed is cram packed FULL of new years resolutions. The rebellious part of me is super hesitant to anything that pressures me into changing aspects of my life ~just because the new year says so~. However I do feel that this is an opportunity for us switch things up, chuck out what wasn’t working and make way for some new, positive changes!

My new years resolution: to trim my hair more regularly and not hold onto length to fulfil goals that don’t serve me or the health of my hair.

Why? If you caught last months blog (click here if you missed it) you’ll know that I decided to give myself a big DIY trim - I ended up cutting about 1/3rd off into a rounder short fro. I have already witnessed the immediate benefits that you can achieve from letting go of hair that you don’t need - maybe it’s damaged, coloured, or split. 

The benefits! Not only am I using less product and thus saving money, I am in fact getting back lots of time spent because I can wake up and go in the morning. My hair holds onto moisture better now that I don’t have the damaged straggly ends, meaning it holds a wash and go better. If theres one thing that makes me smile in the morning - it’s waking up and literally not having to do a thing! Hey, it’s the little things in life. Shorter hair also encourages me to embrace the ~insane~ volume that short layers give - a little or a lot of frizz actually genuinely makes my hair look far better in my opinion and I have received so so SO many more compliments on my shape since.

If I’m honest I had always been so focused on chasing ‘those length goals’ that are perpetuated a lot within the instagram ~curly hair realm~ that I genuinely believe it started to affect how I looked at my own hair. But I say no more! Losing the dead weight feels so freeing and I am choosing to no longer be chained to the idea of long meaning more beautiful. IN FACT - take it from me, short hair is definitely underrated and the benefits are undeniable! The kind compliments since are just an added bonus! 

So, my new years resolution? Cut the dead weight (pun totally intended) and let go of anything that ruins my vibes, doesn’t serve me or my hair which in this case, means length. My partner Jamie has also put this into action and has noticed the difference! We cut a good 6 inches from his 2a/2b/2c hair which has given him more shape, volume and life in replace of limp, weighed down hair.

So what about you? What are your new years hair resolutions? Have you stuck to them? Is there anything you want to change that didn’t work for you last year?

Let us know! @CurlyGalLal

Lal XO

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