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A healthy ocean is absolutely crucial for reversing climate change, as it absorbs 4x the amount of CO2 than the Amazon Rainforest. The ocean covers 70% of our planet, producing at least 50% of the planet's oxygen and is home to most of Earth's biodiversity. However, it is becoming more and more apparent that our ocean is in increasing danger and needs our urgent help. 

Here at Bouclème, sustainability is always at the core of our values. Our goal is to inspire others to nourish and embrace their natural curl pattern, without negatively impacting our planet. You can read all about our missions and sustainability timeline here. In the meantime, here's 4 eco conscious facts about our curl care:

1. Our ingredients are biodegradable. The contents of curly hair products go on quite a journey after being washed down the drain. First they usually enter the sewerage system, heading straight for water treatment plants which struggle to filter out non-biodegradable ingredients. Therefore ending up in our oceans, rivers and other waterways which creates great risk to marine life.

2. Our formulas are reef safe, so you can be rest assured that wearing your favourite Bouclème products while you take a dip in the sea won't negatively impact our precious corals. Earth has already lost over half of its coral reefs within the last 30 years, with scientists predicting that 90% will be destroyed by 2050.

3. Our bottles and tubes are made from sugarcane - an up-cycled bioplastic made from renewable sources that helps reduce CO2 emissions and is fully recyclable. You can read more about our sugarcane packaging here.

4. Four of our products are packaged using PCR (post-consumer regrind). This means we reuse single use plastic that would otherwise end up in landfill. Our goal for 2025 is for all of our bottles to be made from a minimum of 30% PCR.


Curl care aside, there are various ways that we can all help to reduce our impact on the ocean. Here's our top tips:

1. Beach clean ups - check with your local communities to volunteer at organised beach clean ups or start your own to help protect your nearby beaches. The SAS charity (Surfers Against Sewage), are a great resource for this.

2. Reduce or eliminate fish from your diet - Netflix documentary Seaspiracy discovered that 70% of macro plastic at sea comes from fishing gear. Not only this, fishing nets are catching and killing dolphins, whales, sharks and porpoises - all crucial marine life for capturing carbon from the atmosphere, and therefore reducing climate change.

3. Support Plastic Bank - an organisation who aim to stop ocean plastic while improving the lives of those who help to collect it. The average person generates 84kg of plastic waste per year. Help make a difference in ocean pollution by donating to Plastic Bank, supporting their shop and plastic offsetting.

4. Buy clothing made from ocean plastic - when it comes to fashion, the most sustainable way to shop is second hand and only buying when you need something. But when you do, supporting clothing brands who create their designs from recycled ocean plastic is a step in the right direction. Here is a list of brands using Econyl, regenerated nylon.

5. Say no to single use - coffee cups, plastic cutlery, water bottles...giving up single use plastic is easy if you prepare. We recommend carrying a few essentials in your handbag such as a reusable cup, bamboo cutlery (or cutlery from your kitchen draw), a reusable bottle. You'll prevent further waste and feel good doing so!

6. Prevent microplastic pollution - every time we wash our clothes made from synthetic textiles, countless microfibres make their way from our washing machines into rivers, lakes and oceans. These tiny plastic fragments enter our bodies through the food chain, thus threatening our own health. We're big fans of Guppyfriend - a washing bag that collects synthetic fibres while you wash your clothes.

Together we can create a better future with a healthier ocean that sustains us all. We'd love to hear how you're helping protect our oceans - come and find us on instagram at @boucleme and follow our journey.

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