Rekayla's Curly Journey

Hi! I’m Rekayla, otherwise known as Rekayla Curls on Instagram. I’m so happy to be the newest Columnist at Boucléme! I will be sharing my tips and tricks on achieving and maintaining healthy curly hair! 

I haven’t always had healthy hair, so wanted to give a little background on my hair journey! Like so many other women and girls, I was in love with the straightener and would flat iron my hair after every wash day. I know, so bad! My hair was so dry and it could not retain any length or thickness. I would see broken ends everywhere; on my pillow in the morning, (and no, I did not sleep with a satin or silk scarf) in the shower after wash day and on the back of my clothes! I was getting so frustrated, I kept having to cut off those heat damaged ends and lose the little length I had gained. Tired of not getting anywhere, I decided I needed to reduce the amount of heat I used.

To bring my heat damaged hair back to health, after lots of research, one of the first things I realised is that deep conditioning is a major key. Like MAJOR! It will bring back that needed moisture your hair has been deprived of and encourage the formation of your natural curl. Using something like Boucléme Intensive Moisture Treatment would be absolutely perfect. The first ingredient is water, so you know your hair will be hydrated! I would leave my deep conditioner in for about 30 minutes - 1 hour with added heat to make sure I am getting the best from the treatment. With every wash day I could see the curls were coming back to life and my hair felt much stronger. During my transition stage, (side note, I did not know I was transitioning, the term was not really known back in 2012/13) I wore a lot of buns and lots of twists to somewhat disguise the difference in the curl pattern. It did not happen overnight, but month after month I was seeing a big difference! I would still flat iron my hair, but only twice a year, just to trim the dead ends and to change up the style for a little while. In about 2014/15, I was much happier with the health of my hair and was more confident to wear it in it’s natural state on a daily basis.

So that is a little about my hair journey and my first tip! Water and deep conditioner is life! And the more they are incorporated into your hair routine, the better the life of your beautiful strands!

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