The Importance Of A Routine

In life, I have come to learn when there is routine, there is consistency and with consistency there are not just results, but measurable and tangible results! Just like going to the gym or trying to go to bed early (both things I’m trying to do more) this mantra also applies to our lovely tresses. I believe having a solid Hair regime is one of most important factors to restoring and maintaining its health. Building a routine does not need to involve a million steps and even more products, so for the sake of simplicity, but mostly for my sanity, I break my routine down into 3 stages.

First you cleanse, second you moisturise and lastly you style. How you personally classify each stage depends on our own preference. Today we are going to focus on the cleansing stage. I classify this stage as anything we would rinse out with water. So this will be your pre-poo or pre-condition, shampoo or co-wash, conditioner and deep conditioner. You can do as little as just 1 of these steps or you can do all steps, if your hair needs a bit more TLC. For me having a good shampoo (preferably sulphate free) is a great place to start. Bouclème has two for you to choose from, their Hydrating Hair Cleanser or the Curl Cleanser. You want your hair to be clean but not stripped, ready and prepped for the next stage of the process, conditioning.

When my hair is not feeling it’s best, I would pre- poo before heading to the shower. As Bouclème’s Curl Conditioner can double up as leave-in, I would use it as a pre-poo as well and apply from the ears down, focusing on the ends. You can leave it in for a few minutes or a couple hours. On a normal wash day using the Curl Cleanser and Curl Conditioner would be more than enough. I would always work the cleanser on to my scalp first and it flow down the hair when I’m rinsing. Then following up with the conditioner and applying from the ears down would work best, especially if you have long hair. How long you leave it in can depend on how much time you have or if you are looking for a more intense treatment, then using Bouclème’s Intensive Moisture Treatment would be a great option. I would leave the treatment in for a minimum of about 30 minutes. If you do these things on a bi-weekly or weekly basis, you will soon realise that your hair thanking you for it.

There are so many combinations you can use for your wash day. See what you already do and what can be added or removed from your routine. There is always a lot of experiment, so have fun with it.

And just like that, you have my second tip! Keeping to a consistent routine that is simple to follow will do the world of good. This will work wonders for your hair and probably in everyday life too but I am still to master that!

Until next time!


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