Trees For The Future - Our Charity Partner

Bouclème are proud to partner with Trees for the Future to plant one tree for every 300ml bottle and travel kit you buy from 

Trees for the Future have been planting trees in impoverished countries for over 30 years. We're proud that because of our amazing customers, our contributions have helped to plant a staggering 26,922 trees and counting since we started working with them. But Trees For The Future do so much more and today we're here to share everything they do to care for our planet and communities.

Since Trees for the Future’s inception in 1989, the Earth’s population has grown by 2 billion. The effects of unsustainably feeding 9 billion people is evident across the tropics, where farming and livestock eliminates 50 football fields of forest every minute.

Losing trees means losing healthy soils, arable land, water, and biodiversity. Though leaders around the world are calling for a change to our global food systems, but in the face of poverty, overpopulation, and climate change, it’s often difficult to connect the way we eat with each of these problems. It is even more difficult to connect it to the solution. Their Forest Garden Approach brings nutrients, moisture, and fertility back to the soil. It returns trees to the landscape and rebuilds the value and potential of the land.

It transforms ravaged, desert-like fields into self- sustaining, productive farms – permanently. It’s proven to increase household income an average of 400% – putting food in the hands of farmers every day, and making it possible for children to get out of the fields and into the classroom.

Trees For The Future offers agroforestry training and education to farmers. While many of them did not complete formal schooling, the training they receive from TFTF provides them with an exceptional understanding of agroforestry and permaculture. It teaches them how to succeed in farming in a hands-on, practical way. Their thriving Forest Gardens are proof of their mastery, but their successes are celebrated with a graduation ceremony and a diploma endorsed by UNITAR after completing all of their 16 modules over the four years project.

TFTF help families grow food sustainably, provide feed for livestock, allow those in poverty to make an income and reduce the ever-growing impact the effect climate change has on our planet.

Trees for the Future's goal is that by 2025, they will bring 1 million people out of hunger and poverty by establishing 125,000 Forest Gardens. And here at Bouclème, we will continue to support them in all the incredible work they do, caring for curls and the planet.

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