Unisex Range: How Do They Smell?

Today we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of our Unisex range which features the Unisex Hydrating Shampoo, Unisex Curl Conditioner and Unisex Curl Styling Gel.

We are often asked what the difference is between our unisex range and the traditional range. Very simply, the formulations are the same but we made a difference in the scent!

While our traditional range has fresh and citrusy notes, our unisex scent is warm, aromatic and spicy. Think sultry summer nights!

We find that a lot of curly hair products on the market have tropical scents, using ingredients such as banana and coconut. This makes them super sweet and sometimes overpowering. Whereas ours are deodorising and don’t overpower. Plus we always use natural essential oils - never synthetic fragrances.

Did you know the unisex bottles are made from 10% post-consumer regrind (PCR). PCR refers to plastic products that have been recycled, meaning they have been reprocessed to be reused in new manufacturing. 

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