What Is Self Love & How Does It Affect Wellbeing?

For me, self love and wellbeing kind of goes hand in hand. It’s accepting yourself but also bettering yourself. That might sound contradictory but I believe there’s a way to do both without being too hard on yourself. 

I’ve always been a big believer in taking care of myself. This doesn’t just mean taking a few minutes to put on some makeup in the morning, although that can be part of it. It also includes keeping fit, investing in my body’s biggest organ – my skin and even putting down the heat stylers and embracing my naturally curly hair. 

These things may seem superficial but here’s why they’re important for my wellbeing;

🌸 Being put together makes me feel good. On days that I look like rubbish, I generally feel like rubbish. On days that I make an effort, even if I’m having a bad day, I still feel confident.

🌸 Accepting my hair, my skin, my face, my body is part of being kind to myself. I had to fight past negative comments about my curls in the South Asian community that I grew up in and took the time to find out how to take care of my curls to really embrace them. I am also having to be kind to myself now about my post-partum body. I’m 4 months post-partum and I have to remind myself that it took 9 months to have this baby, and that my body has been through a lot. It’s okay to not have my flat stomach back just yet!

🌸 But also pushing yourself to do something that will make you feel good about yourself. For example, working out is something I really do not want to do sometimes but I know if I do it I'll 100% feel better. I never regret it and it makes me feel better all round. 

Self love is so important, even more so now I hardly get a moment to myself with the new baby! But If I can do one thing each day to show myself some love, the benefits it has for my peace of mind and wellbeing is really worth it in the end. 

Aliya x

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