30 Days to Curls Kit

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Quench your curls with this nourishing and nutrient-rich collection, containing everything you need to create juicy curls.

Our non-foaming and conditioning cream-based Curl Cleanser cleans without stripping your scalp or strands of natural oils. Follow with our super-hydrating Curl Conditioner, which penetrates deep into the hair cuticle to rebalance moisture, enhance definition, and strengthen.

Curl TLC comes in the form of our moisture-boosting Curl Cream to create velvety soft curls. Finish with Curl Defining Gel to smooth and set curls giving medium hold without losing that bounce.

Rooted in nature

30 day guarantee

Recyclable bottles

Weekly tips


Curl Cleanser 300ml

Cleanses hair and helps retain moisture in your curls

Hydrating Hair Cleanser 100ml

A foaming cleanser for when you need a deeper cleanse

Curl Conditioner 300ml

Detangles, strengthens, and protects

Curl Cream 300ml

Softens and defines curls

Curl Defining Gel 300ml

Smoothes and sets for long lasting curls that keep their shape


Styling tips

Focus on cleansing your scalp, the length will be cleansed as you rinse out. Ensure you apply plenty of conditioner, add a little water as you do for juicy hydration.

Sectioning your hair ensures even distribution  of stylers over every strand. Smooth and set your curls with gel, then air dry or diffuse.

Refreshing tips

Refresh curls between wash days to keep them hydrated and defined. Try spritzing with water and applying Curl Cream and/or Curl Defining Gel. Or spot treat individual areas that feel dry or lack definition.

  • FAQ
    • How does the 30-day challenge work?
      Start your transitioning journey with us and receive everything you need to rediscover your curls at  their natural best. We’ll send genuinely helpful weekly tips and tricks straight to your inbox to cheer you on, every step of the way. Plus, our team of experts is on hand to answer any questions that come up – just reach out to us at challenge@boucleme.co.uk.
    • What changes should I expect?
      As you transition to a new haircare system or from a foaming shampoo to a conditioning co-wash, your roots may feel greasy as the oil production of your scalp goes from high to normal. This can take 6-8 weeks.
    • When will I start to notice a difference?
      There will be subtle differences from week one such as softer hair, and less dryness and frizz. Bigger changes will occur the longer you continue with the routine, such as better definition and curl formation. Remember: it’s a marathon not a sprint.
    • How much product should I use?
      This really depends on the length, density and thirst of your hair. When it comes to Curl Conditioner, start with a good palmful for each section of your hair. Detangle while you apply, and drizzle over a little more water so that your curls make a squelchy sound when you squish them together and the water looks milky. With Curl Cream, start small to begin with and build up, because this is a really moisturising product. If your curls look frizzy after your hair has dried it means you need more moisture, so apply more conditioner and cream on your next wash day.
    • How do I look after my curls at night?
      If your hair is long enough, tie it in a loose high ponytail on top of your head so you’re not lying on it while you sleep. Try also sleeping on a silk pillowcase or with a silk scarf or turban on as it creates less friction on curls and will protect them from frizzing up overnight.
    • How do I look after my curls between wash days?
      Refreshing curls between wash days keeps them hydrated and defined. Try spritzing with water and applying Curl Cream and/or Curl Defining Gel. Or spot treat individual areas that feel dry or lack definition.

    Our bottles are made from sugarcane-based plastic that’s 100% recyclable, so can be dropped in your recycling bin* when empty.

    *Don’t forget to rinse out your bottles first


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